Overview of Patton’s Death

Updated Sep 8, 2017

Overview of Patton’s death:

This first section is an overview of the connections between the people involved in Patton’s death & how they tie together with the key players. First we have a decorated, highly respected OSS agent & world class marksman, Douglas Bazata who revealed to a reunion of 450 fellow intelligence agents that he had the contract on Patton, received $10,800, set up the accident & shot him in the face with a non-penetrating, low velocity projectile; later handing his 40 diaries over to author Robert Wilcox, whose book Target: Patton  was published 10 years after Bazata’s death. If you have any doubts of Bazata’s integrity, read his obit which was published 10 years before the book & public learned the truth. Be sure to read to the bottom past the oversized gap between paragraphs.


  • Then we have 2 Generals; Gay & Keyes who pretended to be Patton’s friends while duplicitously involved with his demise.
  • Jealous to get their hands on Patton’s commands.
  • Of the staged participants, all were under General Keyes command
  • the driver (Thompson) which struck Patton’s car, (Gen Keyes)
    • the MP’s, (Gen Keyes)
    • Ambulance & doctor (Gen Keyes)
    • which were all immediately on the scene without being summoned.


  • All of them were outside of their assigned areas on an off duty Sunday
    • (Skubik describes as a “lockdown Sunday”),
    • without orders or reason to be out of their area…
  • all of which were under the command of General Keyes.
    • Instead of taking Patton to the local Mannheim hospital which wasn’t under Keyes,
  • they transported Patton to Heidelberg which was under General Keyes
  • as were the doctors & medical staff.
  • Keyes also controlled the entire investigation & funeral.
  • Also take notice of how Keyes starts the ball rolling by going to visit Patton the night before.
    • This allowed Keyes to brief Gay & inform Scruce  & others as needed for the hit
  • Colonel Robert S Allen stated the hunting trip was suggested the prior night with Keyes, Gay & Harkins.
  • Hadden had also hunted at same location with Gay a couple weeks earlier
  • Woodring was likely out drinking with a lady which is why he only learned about the hunt that morning.
  • Then see how Generals Keyes & Gay are richly rewarded for their favors after Patton’s death
  • as  were the other major players involved.
  • At least 2 or 3 of the Patton authors seem to struggle with a simple question of tracking Patton’s movement that day. They puzzled over some cloak & dagger imagery of tailing Patton’s vehicle as if there was no other way to track him without GPS & Tom Tom’s.
  • Not one ever considered portable two way radios, briefcase scramble phones (all the commanding Generals had these throughout the war) & some cars actually had MTS mobile telephones where transmitting towers existed beginning in 1946.  Germany was the world leader in radiophone technology. The first used for railway dating back to 1918 & available to the German public in 1924. US Military used radios & scramble phones in WWII wartime to coordinate battle plans & receive orders.  Our society wasn’t as backward as some might believe. The main difference between technologies between then & now were the sizes of devices since component miniaturization & computer chips were another 20 years away… and the progress in  transmission encoding methods.
  • None the less, Scruce had a portable radio in his truck to freely update Bazata on Patton’s location.  Additionally, Patton’s car most certainly was equipped with radios & a car phone which also could be used while the Generals explored the ruins.
  • Bazata  followed the old code about never divulging the identities of his co-conspirators even after their deaths to protect their families. So, Bazata attempted to insert himself into those tasks performed by other assets such as jamming the window on Patton’s car which Scruce or even Gen Gay could have easily done. There was no reason for Bazata to physically trail Patton with Scruce keeping him informed by radio. Bazata repeatedly mentioned his contacts within Patton’s staff.
    • We know Gay and Scruce were two of those contacts.
    • Harkins and Hadden were also resources for General Gay & Bedell Smith.
    • Keyes was the main orchestrator controlling most of the aspects of the entire final operation.
    • Smith and Donovan ensured they controlled the major players and provided whatever assets, monies and materials necessary to carry out Eisenhower’s orders.
    • Bazata staged the actual accident using Keyes assets.
    • Keyes controlled the assets, setups, investigation, medical care and funeral.
    • Gay ensured Patton was in his proper seat and inserted delays for timing.
    • Scruce kept Bazata informed and initiated the accident events by pulling forward to lead the way.
      • This caused Woodring to speed up to follow,
      • signaled Thompson to veer left &
      • Bazata to fire the projectile
    • Scruce radioed the waiting MP’s & staged ambulance teams to converge at accident
      • Staged teams from Keyes were waiting to dissuade  any other MP’s or ambulances from arriving
    • Staged teams were ready to perform additional actions as determined  by Keyes & Smith
    • Bazata’s “pole” accomplice was either William Colby or Stephen Skubik
  • The second confusion seems to be the question of adequate timing to stage the accident.
  • The decision was likely confirmed by Patton’s Dec 5, 1945 call with Bedell Smith
    • where Patton stated he planned to resign during his leave & go public to stop Ike
    • The date was set when Patton submitted his intention on Dec 7th to begin his leave on Dec 10, 45
    • Patton had to be killed on foreign soil to deter investigations & trails
    • Dec 9th was the last day to eliminate Patton before his return to the US
  • They had 2 days from receipt of Patton’s vacation leave request, to arrange the key players.
  • Since this was not the first attempt to kill Patton, they already had the needed assets in Place
  • such as Keyes, Bazata, Gay, Thompson, Scruce, etc
  • General Keyes also arrived at Bad Nauheim the previous night to “visit Patton”
    • and to brief General Gay, Col Harkins & Joseph Scruce on the plan, staging & their roles.
  • The night of Dec 8, 45; Generals Keyes, Gay & Col Harkins all converged to convince Patton to go hunting Sunday
    • Per Colonel Robert Allen who overheard the discussion
    • The generals encouraged a hunt knowing Patton couldn’t resist.
    • Woodring was out drinking the night of Dec 8th; Saturday
    • Woodring had twice been demoted for fraternizing with German ladies
    • Thus explains why Woodring didn’t learn about hunt until Sunday morning
  • By staging the setup in Mannheim, it placed Patton in Gen Keyes 7th Army command bailiwick
    • where Keyes was in full control of the personnel & Operations.
  • The hunting ground was also 62 miles away as the crow flies.
  • By adding at least 2 stops to see Roman ruins enroute,
    • it gave them ample time to stage all the players who were all briefed on their roles the previous day.
  • General Gay was able to slow down or speed up Patton’s progress toward the accident site as was necessary.
  • Scruce was able to keep Bazata apprised & to alert Gay when Bazata was ready.
  • A very tidy Operation.

Unfortunately, I doubt they were expecting his neck to break. At Patton’s age, having spent the previous three years at war with insufficient dairy products & limited calcium intake, he clearly developed osteoporosis & brittle bones. I also find it interesting that the ambulance driver was a captain (rather than an enlisted man of lower rank) &  the crew was out of town, away from their post with a full crew on a Sunday with no orders or reason to be there.   The planners were probably hoping for a concussion from Bazata’s projectile for which the staged ambulance crew could exacerbate his demise enroute if needed (similar to Princess Di). But Patton remained conscious & paralyzed & the crew wasn’t quite sure what to do under those conditions. Nor could the powers that be, leave Patton in this deplorable condition, garnering public sympathy & still able to talk & sink their boats if Patton figured it out. Bazata had already screwed up & it would require medical Staff assistance to finish the job in a believable manner under the watchful eyes of Patton’s wife.

  • While the Russian NKVD (KGB) had targeted Patton as marked for death;
    • & the NKVD  were a genuine, obvious threat to Patton’s life,
    • this was not their operation.
  • Perhaps some embedded dual agents were incidentally provided by Donovan or Bazata,
    • however, Patton’s death was clearly an “Inside Job”
    • orchestrated by the US military.
  • The NKVD was a convenient hook on which to hang any suspicion.
    • Their intent to target Patton was so overt it became difficult for some to look beyond this threat.
  • Skubik spent his military career focusing on NKVD threats as did Bazata
    • so it is only natural that that their suspicions made that conclusion.
  • The Russians would not have finished our military’s botched job.
  • In Patton’s condition at that point, he was no longer a threat to them
  • or anyone else except Eisenhower.
  • As long as Patton was alive & could speak, he was a direct threat to Ike’s political ambitions.
  • When you look carefully at the details, every person involved was directly tied to General Keyes
  • Keyes was tied directly to Bedell Beetle Smith
  • and the other core participants; Gay, Scruce & Bazata
  • under the ministrations of Beetle Smith & authorized by Eisenhower’s obsession
  • to attain the Presidency & eliminate all obstacles at any cost.
  • Patton repeatedly & heatedly declared his intention to resign by Jan 1946
    • & tell the American public everything he knew to stop Eisenhower.
    • His heated argument with Beetle Smith on Dec 5th, 1945 cost him his life.
  • When you intend to challenge a ruthless tyrant, it is not advisable to reveal your plan of attack.

    • This was Patton’s mistake with Eisenhower
    • In the hospital, Patton was thriving under the care of the 2 British doctors & was regaining use of his arms & legs according to official hospital statements
  • Eisenhower could not have Patton recovering or speaking so he sent his choice to eliminate Patton. Dr Spurling whom Ike promised the position as head of Walter Reed as his reward for cooperating.
  • Spurling sent the British Doctors home & waited until his appointment was confirmed
  • Upon confirmation of Spurling’s appt, Patton’s health took a downturn with the eggnog drinks on the last 3 days which caused lung congestion every time he drank it. But if he had scrambled eggs & coffee there was no problem. This was all described in his charts.  Clearly, the eggnog was spiked.
  • Patton’s vitals, ekg’s & labs were all perfect like a 20 year old during his entire hospital stay.
  • There was no need for any heart or blood pressure medication whatsoever but Spurling started giving Patton digitalis. A very deadly dangerous drug from the foxglove plant which causes arrhythmias & death at the slightest overdose. Just 25 mg will kill a healthy adult. It can only be used in microgram doses. But it is useful in mimicking cardiac problems & in assassinations to look like natural causes.
  • But Patton continued to rally a few hours after the overdoses.
  • Ike became desperate to eliminate Patton after his wife decided to take him home on Dec 30, 1945. So he had to eliminate Patton before he was beyond the reach & control of the military.
  • So Ike managed to obtain Mercuperia. A radioactive mercury from Oak Ridge labs which was dangerous & unapproved for patients since it couldn’t be eliminated from the body. It also had a deadly effect of doubling the toxicity of digitalis & causing deaths in any patient using digitalis. So Spurling knew the Mercuperia was enroute & started Patton on the digitalis to obtain the deadly doubling effect. The spiked eggnog was to mimic a pulmonary embolism. Mercuperia certainly wasn’t used in any hospitals or by any doctors. Even military. It was experimental, classified & deemed unsafe. This is why no doctors were able to determine how Patton died. They didn’t recognize Mercuperia & were afraid to admit they didn’t. Nor did they have access to the classified specs which I now possess.
  • The daily X rays & other lab tests & ekg’s verified Patton had no embolisms or heart problems. The hospital doctors stated there were no embolisms on their official medical reports & statements.
  • Mercuperia was found to be specifically deadly in combination with digitalis just 6 months before Patton’s auto wreck injury.
  • On the final day, Patton was given digitalis around 8 AM. Then Dr Kenner, Army Chief of Surgery, European Theater, arrived with the Mercuperia after noon which was administered to Patton around 1:45 by IV. This was an IM drug. Not IV. They placed it directly into Patton’s blood stream.
  • Then to make sure Patton got the full doubling toxic effect of the combination, Patton was given another dose of digitalis at 2 Pm. Fifteen minutes later.
  • General Gay & Dr Spurling kept Beatrice out of her husbands room by coercing her to go to dinner with them. They did not want her to intervene with the process of Patton’s death. The toxic effects would mimic cardiac failings.
  • About an hour & a half later Patton began having the toxic digitalis arrhythmias but they kept Patton drugged down with Morphine, seconal, codeine  & Phenobarbital. Yes, all at once. Over a gram each with repeated shots of each.
  • No doctor came in to see Patton as they previously had done for any abnormality despite the clear records of the toxic arrhythmia’s. They waited until he was gasping his last breath to bring his wife.
  • Dr Kenner, Dr Spurling, General Gay & the nurse were clear coconspirators in Patton’s death in the hospital. Bedell Smith was Ike’s orchestrater & manager of the participants.
  • Spurling & Keyes talked Beatrice out of an autopsy. They feared the toxic levels of digitalis would be found. Not to mention the excessive doses of narcotics and the absence of an embolism.
  • Beatrice still suspected foul play in her husbands death & hired an investigator but no one had the classified info on Mercuperia so they ignored it just like I almost did until I got my hands on the documents which described the deadly combination with digitalis. It doubled the toxicity & caused death in any experimental patient which was given digitalis in combination with Mercuperia. This was the cause of death & they knew it by the study 6 months earlier & the effort Ike went to get it out of Oak Ridge & ship it to Dr Kenner for Patton’s demise. A perfect murder. It took 70 years for someone to obtain the records & find the evidence. And for me to connect the dots of the evidence & documents I found. It was murder & we now have proof.

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