Patton Hospital Records

Sep 8, 2017

Gen Patton Hospital Records

I have every page, lab & medical report of General Patton’s hospitalization; courtesy of Robert Wilcox.

I posted 3 pages below which show proof of murder.  Patton did not need Digitalis & certainly not Mercuperia  which was given just prior to his death on 12-21-1945. 

2 pages are from Patton’s medical charts during his last 2 days. The third is a PDF file report on deaths caused by Mercuperia. Radioactive Mercury.

12-20-1945 Day before death of Gen Patton Hospital chart. I added some highlights. His heart & vitals and EKG’s were perfect every morning. I have those documents as well. 

E GP CH 12-20-45 D mk

The chart below is the last chart and Pattons death on 12-21-1945. I highlighted the Mercuperia & Digitalis. The combination is deadly. Patton was turning blue yet no doctors came to see him.  For the first time, Patton shows irregular heart from toxic Digitalis caused by Mercuperia.

E GP CH 12-21-45 C death mk


The second page of the pdf file (right side) below shows how Mercuperia caused 32 sudden deaths from being administered by IV as was done to Patton (instead of IM). There is also a report on Redigitalization which means the Mercuperia causes the digitalis toxicity to double in strength and kill the patient. Mercuperia was not an approved drug. It was experimental at Oak Ridge & Lanl labs & had to be authorized by Eisenhower. They knew it was deadly & used it to cause Patton’s death because no one would know what this drug was. It is radioactive Mercury. Never approved for humans or anything else.  Since no doctors used this drug except in covert experiments at Oak Ridge & Canada, no one recognized this cause of Pattons death. Only now are the details on this drug declassified & accessible. But no one knew where to look.  As far as & know, I’m the first person to discover this.

Eisenhower, Spurling & Kenner knew what Mercuperia would do to Patton & fool his wife. Spurling specifically ordered this IM drug to be given by IV instead of in the muscle. They also used digitalis to make sure it killed him. This drug was also known to cause sudden death from clots (thrombus) upon injection.  All of these deadly results can be found on the second page of the PDF file below. These experiments were done in the Vancouver hospital. (We seem to be partial to experiments on Canadian patients).

Patton’s killers knew exactly what Mercuperia would do.  Since Mercuperia was unknown & classified, no one else would know what it was or what they had done. A perfect crime.

I also wonder why they were still giving Patton human plasma & wonder what else they were trying to do to him.  These records above were just 2 pages out of 50 hospital records above.

These are proof of deliberate Murder.

This is a pdf file below. Only a few pertinent pages from a much larger report.

Mercupuriatoxic reaction canmedaj00669-0026