Patton Article Links

Updated Sep 8, 2017

Links with details on Patton’s death:

Here are some interesting links with info to support the details. Just ignore their personal agendas & only read the details surrounding Patton’s demise.


Patton Articles:

Most Patton accident assassination articles are written with personal bias or agendas. A couple articles  are anti-Semitic. While it is true that government bigwigs like Eisenhower, Smith, Bradley & the OSS were involved (also referred to as Elite by some), there was no involvement by any Jewish element. That was clearly bias from people with personal issues of bigotry. At the time, the US failed to help the plight of the Jewish dilemma, persecution & death camps by blocking many refugees from entry into the US to escape. Thus our leaders were not doing anything to help the Jewish until they came face to face with the death camps & were under public pressure. Hence, there was no Jewish plot against Patton. That comes from misplaced bigotry between races.

However, there is important background info on Patton’s vehicle crash incident contained in some of these biased articles which is important. Just ignore the authors prejudices & read only the factual details. Patton’s writing are reported to have some anti-Semitic verbiage in them but Patton was a product of his upbringing & didn’t intend for these private thoughts to become public. Everything he said was twisted & blown out of proportion by the press with the help of his backstabbing friends; Gen Gay, Keyes & possibly Harkin. Thus, giving Smith, Eisenhower & Marshall the excuse to eliminate Patton. It is  always helpful to have a close friend & confidant twisting your words, feeding you suggestions to sink your boat, backstabbing you & relaying your every action & statement to your worst enemy & commander so they can reap the benefits of their treachery by aiding in your demise. Skubik & Farago did not have internet or FOIA documented digital access sources for their books so they have some factual errors. Plus, new info has been revealed since their books were written. But they still have value.

“Target Patton” is one of the best researched & documented books ever written on Patton, requiring 10 years of dedicated effort. Don’t snub your nose at it. Read Bazata’s full amazing obit as decorated OSS & world class marksman. The obit was written 10 years before the book or public knowledge of his confession.

There are also skeptics & jackals hired by gov’t to discredit any info from Whistleblowers which paints an unflattering involvement by Eisenhower, FDR, OSS, military brass, gov’t officials, etc. Again, ignore their attempts to trash any whistleblowers or credible sources and focus only on the detailed info included in their articles which shed light on aspects previously overlooked which actually substantiates the validity of the assassination.


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