Little Known Patton Details

Updated  Sep 8, 2017

Little known details:

  • Gen Marshall questioned Patton’s sanity & attempted to denounce his mental status at public speech
    • discussed Patton situation with psychiatrist
    • Sec of War Stimson persuaded Marshall to not send psychiatrist to denounce Patton at public speech
    • Marshall may have realized Ike & Smith had been exaggerating Patton situation
    • Marshall may have discovered or decided against Patton death contract
  • Marshall may have persuaded Truman to dissolve OSS & fire Donovan
    • Both OSS & Donovan were under Marshall
    • Donovan may have been out of control
    • Marshall may have thought eliminating OSS would stop contract
  • Gen Marshall resigned as Chief of Staff Joint Chiefs Nov 18, 1945
    • Perhaps in protest over Patton contract
  • Eisenhower replaced Marshall Nov 19, 1945
    • Bazata’s contract on Patton would have needed reconfirmation from Ike
    • Due to removal of OSS, Donovan & Marshall
  • Marshall went to china as Negotiator for Truman Dec 45 – Jan 46
    • Perhaps to distance himself from Patton contract by Ike
    • Had covert medical reports on Patton sent to Marshall while in China
  • Bert Roosen, german youth working for Eisenhower overheard Patton plot
    • between Eisenhower, Bedell Smith & Bradley on train before leaving for DC
    • Eisenhower left Europe on Nov 10, 1945
  • Beetle Smith remained in Germany until Dec 22, 1945 day after Patton’s death
    • Bazata cited NKVD pole operative as using cyanide injection to finish Patton in hospital
    • I doubt this with what we know now.
    • The Russians would not have bothered with Patton after a botched US attempt
    • The US military ordered it & had to finish their mess. Very simple in a hospital.
    • We know Patton was given digitalis by doctors to mimic failing health & failing heart.
    • Digitalis is deadly & causes all the symptoms Patton suffered
    • He began to rally as dosage wore off then crash as it was readministered
    • Ike obtained Mercuperia (radioactive mercury) from Oak Ridge labs & shipped to Dr Kenner, Army Chief of Surgery European Theater.
    • Dr Kenner delivered this unapproved, dangerous, classified drug to Patton’s medical staff on the final day. They already knew from an experimental study 6 months earlier that Mercuperia caused digitalis toxicity to double resulting in the deaths of any patients on digitalis
    • This would cause cardiac arrhythmias to mimic heart problems. Patton had no heart or blood pressure problems. This is verified by his regular vitals & daily ekg’s, X-rays & other labs.
    • after giving Patton the Mercuperia by IV when it was an IM drug for muscle injection, Patton was given a second dose of Digitalis 15 minutes later to ensure toxicity.
    • Patton was also given. huge doses of Morphine, seconal, codeine & Phenobarbital to keep him unconscious. Yes, all at once, over a gram each (1000 mg) & multiple shots over a short timespan. This is all in his charts.
  • Gen Gay & Dr Spurling convinced Beatrice to leave Patton for dinner
  • Patton died while Beatrice was absent from hospital room
  • The coconspirators who were responsible for Patton’s murder in the hospital were Dr Kenner, Dr Spurling, Gen Gay and the attending nurse.
  • additional guilty parties were Eisenhower for ordering Patton’s death and Bedell Smith for organizing it.
  • Those responsible for Patton’s injuries in the car were Donovan, Bazata, Gen Keyes, Thompson, Scruce, Gen Gay & Gen Harkins.
  • Plus Eisenhower for ordering the hit and Bedell Smith for organizing the participants.
  • Gen Gay benefited by obtaining Patton’s 15th army & armory div commands
  • Gen Keyes benefitted by obtaining Patton’s 3rd army
  • Bazata said be had people on Patton’s staff (likely Gay & Harkins & Keyes & Scruce)
  • 2 vehicle accident attempts & attack on Patton’s plane prior to his Dec 9, 1945 car incident injury
  • 30 minute Ambulance delay at accident scene
  • 45 minutes ride to distant Heidelberg hospital
  • 15 minute ER delay
  • 45 minutes of superficial treatment
  • 2 hours 30 minutes before broken neck was treated
  • Similarity to Princess Diana’s accident demonstrates patterns used for vehicle assassinations
  • peripheral key players & waiting Ambulance crews & prolonged trips to ensure demise
  • False Patton accident vehicle on display at Ft. Knox verified by GM Cadillac expert
  • Scruce pulled ahead of Patton’s car to lead just prior to accident
  • Scruce kept going & didn’t return despite being with Patton’s hunting party.
  • Scruce suffered bizarre hemorrhaging death in 1952
  • Daughter of Scruce felt he was involved
  • Involved parties were afraid of retaliation
  • Beatrice hired investigator to look into Patton’s death
  • Didn’t trust Keyes
  • Patton planned to resign upon return to US on Dec 10, 1945 after 30 day leave
  • Resign not retire so he could speak freely; unencumbered by regulations. Patton was independently wealthy
  • Patton planned to reveal war corruption by Eisenhower & execs & derail his plans for politics
  • Patton told children 6 months earlier during visit home that he wouldn’t be returning.
  • Assassination of Skubik also planned
  • Patton’s driver of 5 years John Mims transferred a few months earlier
  • Patton bodyguards removed

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