Lingering Questions, Answers & Inconsistencies

 Update Sep 8, 2017

Lingering Questions, Answers & Inconsistencies:


  • Bert Roosen claims he overheard Eisenhower, Bedell Smith, Omar Bradley & others on Eisenhower train discussing the need to eliminate Patton. I believe he did overhear the conversation but his timeline is off. He referenced hearing the conversation 3 weeks prior to Patton’s death. It would more likely be 3 months prior.
    • Bradley was assigned to VA on Aug 15, 1945.
    • If Bradley was present, then the conversation occurred before Aug 15, 1945
    • Eisenhower returned to the US on Nov 10, 1945 after a trip to Moscow returning to Germany on Nov 7, 1945.
    • Therefore this conversation must have occurred prior to August 15, 1945.
    • Other possible  participants may have been Keyes, Gay, Truscott, McNarny, Harkins or Hadden and Donovan if he was in Germany at the time.
  • Skubik made claims about report he made to Donovan & being jailed by Donovan.
  • However, Skubik was CIC & did not report to Donovan. They were in different organizations.
    • Donovan was fired by Truman & OSS dissolved on Oct 1, 1945.
    • Donovan went to OSS HQ in Berlin on Oct 2, 1945.
    • Donovan was assigned to Nuremberg prosecutor Jackson May 16, 1945
    • Donovan argued with Jackson at trial on Nov 20, 1945
    • Donovan leaves Nuremberg & returned to Frankfurt Nov 29, 1945
    • Donovan leaves Germany Dec 17, 1945
    • Donovan discharged from army Jan 1946
  • How could Donovan meet with Skubik & jail him in Jan & Feb 1946?
    • Donovan was no longer in Europe or in the Army?
  • Bazata claims Donovan paid him $10,000 AFTER Patton’s death & kept money
    • Donovan left German on Dec 17 prior to Patton’s death & was discharged in Jan 46.
    • How was Donovan able to pay Bazata if he was gone & unemployed?
  • If FDR was involved, it had to be prior to his death in Apr 45
    • FDR is unlikely since he was ill before Patton became targeted by Eisenhower
  • Stimson was not involved since he stopped Marshall from deposing Patton as psychiatric
  • Eisenhower & Zhukov were abnormally tight between May and Nov 1945
    • They were almost constantly together in Berlin or Moscow those months
    • Zhukov may have helped Eisenhower create an NKVD target Patton rumor
    • or enabled a joint operation
    • or lended agents for Bazata’s operation
  • The OSS & Donovan reported to Marshall & joint chiefs
  • Truman was not involved since he dissolved the OSS & Donovan in Oct 1, 1945
    • This act would have cancelled the hit
    • Truman showed how he dealt with bad generals with McArthur
    • Truman didn’t execute bad generals
    • However, Donovan went to OSS HQ in Berlin on Oct 2, 1945
    • Allen Dulles was over Berlin OSS
    • Donovan was traveling with British spy William Stephenson; stopping in London enroute
  • Marshall quit his job as Chief of Army Nov 18, 45 & went to China as negotiator Dec 1, 1945 thru Jan
    • He was not in power to order the hit on Patton
    • However Marshall remained behind for a couple weeks attending hearing in DC.
    • Marshall secretly requested medical reports on Patton’s progress
    • to keep his interest in Patton’s welfare secret from Ike & Smith
  • Eisenhower was Chief of staff replacing Marshall Nov 19, 1945
  • Bedell Smith was still in Germany until Dec 22, 1945.
    • Per a letter between Bedell & Ike on Nov 28, 45 asking to return to the US,
    • Eisenhower would not let Bedell leave until he completed his tasks which ended the day after Patton died.
  • Donovan only lasted a few days in court in Nuremberg arguing with Prosecutor Jackson
    • returned to Frankfurt in Nov 45 where he had no set tasks.
    • Donovan left Germany Dec 17, 1945 just prior to Patton’s health decline
  • Harkins originally claimed not to be with Patton
    • However, Gay told El Paso newspaper Harkins was present on hunt trip
    • Harkins also later said he was in the car going hunting with Patton & Gay
    • Blamed on Harkins Alzheimer’s but why would Gay make the same statement?
    • Haddon’s letter home Dec 22, 1945 stated Harkins was with him at Bad Nauheim during accident
      • when Woodring & Scruce returned from accident on Dec 9, 45.
      • when did Woodring hook up with Scruce?
      • Woodring claimed Scruce took off & didn’t return to accident.
      • Yet Hadden’s letter say they returned together


Bazata only revealed his own role in the Patton assassination. Bazata wanted to reveal the truth about Patton. However, he still held to a tight code of not revealing the identity of other agents. Assets like Thompson were one thing, but revealing a fellow agent has always been forbidden and can carry legal repercussions as demonstrated with Valerie Plame. Hence those portions of Bazata’s story where other agents were involved, Bazata endeavored to tell the details without revealing their role. There was also the issue of defaming a participant (even if deceased) which would cause problems with their families who were unaware of their intelligence activities. His partner in crime easily could have been William Colby who was assigned to several joint missions in Germany with Bazata. Colby was also sitting at the table during the OSS reunion when Bazata revealed his complicity in Patton’s demise to the reporter. This gave Colby the opportunity to join his confession or remain anonymous. Unfortunately, when Colby was older and expressing regrets and desires to go public as he had done years earlier when President Ford fired him as CIA director; Colby was silenced by being drown in a canoe. Scruce may have jammed the car window but Bazata may have placed himself as the orchestrator to avoid naming the other conspirators (Scruce, Gay, Keyes, Hadden, Harkins, Smith, Eisenhower & possibly Skubik or Colby). Bazata did reference a Pole (Polish) partner. Skubik fits that description.

Agents and high profile gov’t or military officers  are always considered to be the highest risk for whistleblowing when they reach the end years of their lives or when they succumb to a terminal illness. This is when the most agents or gov’t officials are terminated (killed). Other reasons for termination include intolerable public behavior, refusal to cooperate, danger of public revelations, avarice, eliminating opposition, etc; (Patton, Princess Di, Ron Brown, Forrestal, Wellstone, Carnahan, Corso, Marilyn Monroe, Kennedy’s, etc)  Since these high risk years also coincide with advanced age, medical infirmities, loss of family members; family pressures; disgruntled or unfairly treated agents; financial pressures; religion; regrets; change of heart or reevaluating gov’t ethics, intolerable corruption, coverups & heinous acts or public right to know. There are very few of these sanctioned terminations which would bring public notice… such as a 76 year old agent having a fatal heart attack. You would never consider it was a deliberate act of silencing a security risk. I also believe Bazata decided to contact an author after Colby’s overtly,  suspicious demise. In each revelation, Bazata was responding to a profound wrong done by the intelligence community. Bazata’s insistence that he wounded Patton but was not the one who administered the final death potion was splitting hairs in my opinion. The damage Bazata did which broke Patton’s neck and paralyzed him from the neck down was far more heinous than the final act which killed him.

Patton’s debilitated condition: I would think that after Patton had blown the whistle on Eisenhower from his bedridden state, Patton himself would have chosen to end his life rather than exist in such a horrendous condition although there is some confusion on just how much movement Patton had. The doctors reports say he was regaining movement in his arms & legs.  But if he was looking at a life of total paralysis from the neck down; this was the 1940’s. It was a miracle he lived as long as he did and was improving until they gave him toxic levels of digitalis & Mercuperia to mimic his health crashing to make his death seem logical. They did not have the patient support systems as are available now.  No electric wheelchairs, no computers, no portable breathing support, no pacemakers, no portable oxygen, etc. Where someone like Christopher Reeves was able to have some limited mobility and independence during his similar condition in the late 1990’s; there was none in the 1940’s. This was the era of the Iron Lung. Not a pretty prospect for such a vigorous national hero. But Patton would still have wanted to have his say about Eisenhower and his cronies before terminating his existence. This was Eisenhower’s biggest fear. To silence Patton was Eisenhower’s main objective. Unfortunately, Patton’s widow Beatrice did not honor Patton’s most fervent desire to expose Eisenhower, Smith, Bradley and others to public scrutiny with the truths & cover-up’s hidden from the public. She allowed his book to be watered down and influenced by some of the very people who were involved in his demise. Both Patton’s wife and daughter were silenced within a year of each other; his daughter just prior to Ike’s election and his widow just months after Ike was elected.

Skubik is a curious character. I fail to understand why he was constantly reporting to Donovan since he was Army CIC; not OSS. The entire interaction between Skubik and Donovan does not make sense. Not to mention the fact that Donovan was fired from the OSS on Oct 1st, 1945; yet Donovan was still running the show in Germany. So why was Skubik reporting to him? Why didn’t Skubik’s boss take that role? Would not Skubik’s activities and reports have been processed through his CIC superiors and submitted by them to Donovan as appropriate? It especially does not make sense after the OSS was dissolved on Oct 1st, 1945 and Donovan fired by Truman. Nor after Donovan was assigned to the Nuremberg prosecutor during Nov & Dec 1945; or after Donovan left Germany December 17, 1945 and discharged from the Army in Jan 1946. None of these dates coincide with Skubik’s timelines. How did Donovan arrest Skubik when he was supposed to be working for the Nuremberg prosecution? Skubik was clearly focusing on the NKVD and their targeting of Patton. But there is an old saying about someone who “protests too much”… basically having opposite leanings.  Bazata spoke of his partner in Patton’s death as the “Pole” of Polish or Ukranian heritage. Skubik fits the description. Thus, I believe Bazata’s partner was either Colby or Skubik. I think perhaps Skubik did not want his family to know of his true involvement and wanted to absolve himself of suspicion. There are also some serious contradictions in Skubik’s timeline. He claims he reported to Donovan and was jailed in Feb 46. However, Donovan left Germany for NY on Dec 17, 1945 and was discharged from the Army in Jan 46. Therefore, Skubik’s timeline claims do not fit. However, if Skubik was involved in Patton’s death, then the death threats made against Skubik would make sense.

Scruce was clearly an operative. Whether a full embedded agent or simply an asset is unknown. I would bet on his being an asset based on the gruesome method by which he was eliminated in 1952 & his expectations of his own forthcoming demise. Scruce was clearly in radio contact with Bazata, providing the details of Patton’s whereabouts that day. Scruce was leading the way, provided the dog and was probably instrumental in getting Patton to return to his assigned seat by warming the dog in the car. Scruce easily could have distracted Woodring while Bazata jammed the window. Or Scruce could have jammed the window. Bazata may have been tailing Patton vicariously through Scruce’s radio contact with him during the journey. Scruce also pulling ahead at the railroad crossing served a couple purposes. It signaled Thompson to go ahead with the sudden veer to the left into Patton’s path. It temporarily blocked Woodring’s view of Thompson and Scruce’s acceleration forced Woodring to accelerate the General’s limousine to catch up with Scruce who was leading the way. Then there is the failure of Scruce to return to check on his hunting party or dog. Yet, Scruce returned with Woodring that same afternoon. How did they reconnect? After all, it was Woodring who tells us Scruce did not return to the scene. Yet Haddon’s letter  describes their return together that same afternoon. This implies some dishonesty on Woodring’s part.

Donovan failed to understand that those who carry out heinous deeds, even those sanctioned by the highest levels of government become persona non grata like poison ivy; a threat to anyone who knew of or ordered their involvement. Thus, after orchestrating the demise of General Patton, Donovan and his distasteful methods became poison among the powers that be in DC. Not to mention his megalomania. It is clear Eisenhower was the only one who threw Donovan a bone as an out of the way Thailand Ambassador in gratitude for removing Patton; the biggest obstacle to his aspirations for the presidency. After only one year, he returned home. A series of strokes requiring full time nursing in 1957 took care of any risk of his revealing any secrets as did his death in 1959.

Lingering issues:

  • The CIA & other US intelligence agencies also use car accidents, small plane crashes, drownings, suicides, heart attacks, strokes & aneurisms as favored execution methods.
    • Assassination by car accidents is not limited to the Soviets
    • IE: Princess Diana
  • The very fact that our government did not investigate the possibility of NKVD involvement clearly shows that the true orchestrators (Eisenhower & his cronies) already knew who killed Patton.
  • Despite NKVD placing Patton on the top of their target list & commonly using vehicle accidents & poisons; not one of our military or gov’t agencies felt it was necessary to look into possible Russian involvement
    • This should clearly demonstrate that the NKVD was NOT involved in Patton’s death.
    • If the NKVD had assassinated Patton, they would have posed a threat to other US politicians & generals
  • Thus worthy of a full investigation
  • Nor would the NKVD have involved themselves in a botched assassination attempt by Patton’s superiors
  • These absence of NKVD investigations clearly indicate Patton’s death was a US operation all the way
    • Which required the full approval of Eisenhower as Chief of Staff over the Joint Chiefs
    • Which Donovan reported to.
  • So, logically; If Truman disbanded OSS in Sept 1945 & fired Donovan, why would Bazata follow through with Patton’s assassination?
  • Bazata required the full approval of Eisenhower to proceed with the assassination at that time.
  • Bazata followed the agents code of not revealing names of other agents or the chain of command.
  • Why was Skubik reporting to Donovan when he was not his command?
    • Why was Donovan still handling Bazata when he was assigned to Prosecutor Jackson?
  • If Donovan returned to NY on Dec 17, 1945; when did he return to Germany to deal with Skubik?
  • Donovan was released from military  in Jan 46.
    • Why was Skubik reporting to Donovan in Jan 46
    • How did Donovan jail Skubik in Feb 46
    • It appears there is a problem with Skubik’s timeline.
    • I don’t believe Donovan returned to Germany after leaving in December.
    • Especially since Donovan left the Army in Jan.
  • If Gen Marshall resigned as chief of Staff Nov 18, 1945 why was Patton’s  assassination continued?
  • Only Eisenhower who replaced Marshall could have approved this action
    • Marshall’s resignation and quick trip to China shows he did not want to be involved
    • Only Eisenhower who replaced Marshall could have approved this action
  • Only Eisenhower could be the driving influence behind the hit on Patton.
  • OSS was under Joint Chiefs (military). Thus, a purely military decision under Ike using contract agents
  • Eisenhower became Chief of Staff in DC in Nov 1945 replacing Marshall
  • Which army division was the 818 MP in Mannheim attached? 7th Army?
  • Eisenhower was the only one in position replacing Marshall & Donovan who could have ordered the final hits on Patton
  • Did Jean Gordon commit suicide 3 weeks after Patton’s death or was she silenced by assassination?
    • Bedell Smith was back in the US floating his job pending approval as ambassador at this time.
    • Thus Bedell had the means, motive and opportunity to stage her suicide as did Donovan
  • what really happened to Beatrice dying on a horse of a brain aneurism mid jump in 1953? Was she silenced?
  • Both Beatrice & Scruce died of brain aneurisms just one year apart while Ike was becoming President.
    • All except Jean died while Beetle Smith was CIA director
  • Scruce died of hemorrhagic brain aneurism in 1952 gushing blood.
    • Gushing blood sounds like Warfarin or other blood thinner was used
    • Scruce knew he would die before his birthday in 52
    • family believes he was involved in Patton’s demise
  • Was Patton’s daughter Beatrice Waters silenced with digitalis & the scene staged?
  • It sounds like all obstacles to Ike’s presidency were surgically removed
  • Beetle Smith became new CIA director 1950-54;
    • He clearly had the means to eliminate & monitor all of Ike’s political risks
  • Generals Gay, Smith & Keyes reaped the biggest rewards from Ike
  • Ike’s friends, enemies & high risks are evident by their fates between 45 and 1961.
  • Friends rewarded, risks died by 53 & enemies quit politics by 53.
  • Kate Summersby, Ike’s mistress, wisely married in 52 to dispel any gossip during his campaign
    • divorced 1958 after 2nd term began
    • Summersby might have otherwise been eliminated if she hadn’t married to dispel rumors
    • I believe this was a setup allowing their affair to continue with a cover
  • Why is Harkins involvement listed on one article interview of General Gay?
    • Gay said all 3 Generals were in car. Patton, Harkins, Gay.
    • Apparently, Harkins also stated he was in the car as well.
  • Did Gen Gay remove Beatrice from the hospital room  so Patton could be eliminated?
  • Did Gay assist with enabling Patton’s vehicle injuries & distracting him while bracing for accident?
  • Where did Scruce go during the car wreck?
  • Were Gen Gay’s awards, promotions & assignments by Ike given as reward for his cooperation in Patton’s demise?
  • Were Gen Keyes awards, promotions & assignments by Ike given as reward for his cooperation in Patton’s demise?
  • Skubik said Gay & Keyes despised Patton. I believe it.
  • Patton unfortunately trusted them. He was surrounded by planted turncoats.
  • Claims made that Roosevelt was involved in decision to eliminate Patton, but FDR died Apr 1945
  • However, early assassination attempts against Patton began in April 1945. Possibly Sooner. FDR was ill.
  • Did Gen Gay or Scruce encourage Patton to return to his normal seat & invite dog into car?
  • If Keyes was Patton’s real friend, he would never have invited Bedell Smith to be Pallbearer for Patton.
  • If Gay was Patton’s true friend, he would not have become an Eisenhower close confident & aide
  • Gay reaped promotions & prime assignments from Ike immediately after Patton’s demise & during Ike’s presidency.
  • Gay gained Patton’s 15th & armored
  • Keyes gained Patton’s 3rd army
  • What info did Beatrice’s detectives uncover?
  • What occurred during the 4 days Thompson was covertly whisked to the UK after  crashing into Patton’s car.
  • Where is Patton’s original book draft before Beatrice watered it down

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