Murder by Mercuperia & Digitalis

Updated Sep 8, 2016

Death by Mercuperia & digitalis:

I finally have documented proof of how Patton was killed in the hospital after the accident failed to kill him. The details of the car accident plot will be detailed on a separate page. This page describes the second effort which killed Patton in the hospital 12 days later.

When Patton was admitted to the hospital, he developed a low fever from his head wound. After 3 days his temperature returned to perfectly normal. Each day he improved & flourished under the care of 2 British doctors. The doctors reported Patton was regaining use of his arms & legs. Patton was within a few days of returning home to Massachusetts when he died.

Prior to the car accident, Patton repeatedly & unwisely declared in frustrated letters to family & military friends  as well as a confrontational phone call on Dec 5th 1945 to  Bedell Smith (Eisenhower’s lackey) that he planned to stop Eisenhower from becoming President and was going to return to the US on Dec 10, 1945, resign from the Army so he could talk freely to the public without military gags & reveal Ike’s dirty linen to the public. But Patton was conveniently injured the day before his return home. Ike then published his Nationwide Presidential campaign candidacy on Dec 10, 1945… in every major newspaper… right next to the articles on Patton’s accident. As if Eisenhower knew in advance that Patton would be unable to challenge his candidacy that day.

That was the motive. Patton had already begun to write his book 2 months earlier in which he promised to reveal all of Ike’s dirty linen. Patton had written his intentions to expose Ike to his family & friends.

I now have a copy of Patton’s hospital records & the hour to hour medical charts obtained by Robert Wilcox; author of Target Patton. I never expected to see Mercuperia because  it was never an approved drug nor available for use by hospitals or practitioners. It was a radioactive mercury stored at Oak Ridge or LANL requiring special permission to acquire this experimental drug. It was never approved as a drug because the Mercury could not be flushed or eliminated from the body which also caused death in anyone taking digitalis. This was verified in an experimental study 6 months before Patton’s death. Since it was an experimental drug with deadly side effects & shelved before the war when they discovered the radioactive mercury could not be eliminated from the body, very few doctors knew of its existence. So when Patton’s medical records were reviewed by dozens of medical experts after Patton’s death, they did not recognize the name Mercuperia & thus overlooked its significance & role in his death. Nor considered what it required to obtain Mercuperia from a DOE lab & ship it to Germany & have it administered to Patton. Especially in conjunction with Digitalis (which Patton also did not require) Mercuperia was known to be a deadly combination. There was no medical need for Patton to have either Mercuperia or digitalis administered. Digitalis (made from the deadly Foxglove plant) is so toxic it can only be administered in microgram dosages. The slightest overdosage causes severe cardiac failure symptoms & death. Handy if you wish someone to believe the recipient died of heart problems. Mercuperia in combination with digitalis causes  the digitalis dosages to double in strength. Thus creating a digitalis toxicity without increasing the dose.

Patton was regaining movement in his arms & legs according to his daily hospital reports. His family was making plans to take him home in a couple days. His attendant was training to take care of him after leaving the hospital. This put Ike in a panic. They would have no access & control over Patton at his home near Boston. He  had to be eliminated before he could go public with what he knew.

We know Patton did not need digitalis because his daily ekg’s and regular checks of his heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc. showed Patton had no heart problems whatsoever until AFTER he was administered Mercuperia just 4 hours before Patton’s death. He was also given Digitalis at 8:30 that final morning & again 15 minutes after the Mercuperia. It also required Eisenhower’s permission to remove Mercuperia from the military controlled DOE labs. It also required Eisenhower’s permission to transport the Mercuperia via military airplane & transport it to  a Military hospital in occupied Germany. It was delivered by the Army chief surgeon of the European Theater, Doctor Kenner who suddenly arrived to visit Patton just prior to the administration of the Mercuperia. It was Doctor Kenner who received & delivered the Mercuperia. Mercuperia was supposed to be injected IM (into the muscle). But it was given to Patton through his IV. Directly into the blood stream.

The administration of Mercuperia & digitalis also required the cooperation of doctor Spurling who was hand selected by Eisenhower to take over the medical care of Patton. Spurling was the neurologist of a teaching hospital without a private practice. He also had no cardiology background & no reason to administer any cardiac drugs to Patton. When Spurling took over Patton’s care, Patton’s condition was flourishing under the care of 2 British Doctors whom Spurling sent home. It wasn’t until Spurling received his promotion to chief of Walter Reed Military Hospital by Eisenhower, that Patton’s condition immediately took a turn for the worse. Apparently, Spurling wanted Ike’s promises solidified before he carried out Ike’s orders. Every time Patton drank the Eggnog concoction, he developed lung congestion… just like clockwork. This began 2 days before his death but no cardiac symptoms until after the Mercuperia. Nor did Patton have any symptoms of an embolism as Spurling later claimed. Nor was Spurling an expert. The other doctors including the head of the Heidelberg Army Hospital where Patton was being treated,  also stated on record there was no evidence of embolism or heart problems. Patton’s sudden excessive mucous congestion events only occurred after each ingestion of eggnog… which indicates something else was in the eggnog.

Furthermore, Patton was under hourly surveillance by the nursing staff. Any sudden change in Patton’s position was always followed with an immediate doctors visit. Yet when Patton suddenly developed heart symptoms after the administration of Mercuperia & digitalis, no doctor was summoned to see Patton. In fact, his doctors kept Patton’s wife out of the room & distracted until he died, just 4 hours later. Patton was so drugged, he literally drown in excessive mucous  as the Mercuperia & Digitalis toxicity caused symptoms of cardiac problems..

We know the doctors had given Patton digitalis. The normal adult doses are in mcg (micrograms). An overdose of digitalis above 25 mg taken by a healthy adult is fatal. Digitalis can cause heart  arrhythmias where there were none before. A nursing home in Dallas killed my grandmother with digitalis. In fact Truman’s Sec of Treasury died from an overdose of digitalis just like my grandmother. They say Harry Dexter White committed suicide but it could have easily been an accident since he was having chest pains from testifying to Congress & may have thought extra medicine would help his plight. Or someone did it for him.

We know Patton was given this drug. It was used to mimic heart & organ failure. This is a dangerous deadly drug. You can verify this online. I find it incredible that anyone prescribes it. It can cause every manner of cardiac arrhythmia, fibrillation, tachycardia & cardiac arrest imaginable. Fibrillation, from personal experience, causes the worst deeply gasping for air imaginable because your heart isn’t pumping blood & oxygen. It is like asphyxiating or drowning.   You start gasping deeply & cant catch your breath. It is the most horrible experience imaginable. Digitalis toxicity can also cause nausea, vomiting, anorexia in 80% of the cases and precede cardiac manifestations. Neurologic such as dizziness, various CNS disturbances & fatigue are very common. The arrhythmias & other problems of digitalis toxicity reduce the hearts ability to pump blood. The blood backs up into lungs causing rales (the crackling wet sounds) & coughing. Elevating the bed would have helped. The digitalis doubled in strength by the radioactive mercury, Mercuperia was killing him. This is why Ike sent Spurling to Germany. To look like he’s helping when he wasn’t. None of this was embolism or clot and none of those were the expertise of Spurling who was a political Chief of Neurological Surgery who never had a private practice I can determine. He chartered many organizations and headed medical schools and the Army hospital during the war. But he was not a hands on doctor. He was an administrator and most certainly did not have any expertise with blood clots, heart issues or the use of digitalis.

Visual manifestations may also occur with aberration in color vision (predominance of yellow green) the most frequent.  Symptoms may persist after other signs of toxicity have resolved. I  have also experienced yellow vision from Inderal. It is very bizarre.

Digitalis can also cause:

  • fast, slow, or uneven heart rate;
  • bloody or black, tarry stools;
  • blurred vision, yellowed vision; or
  • confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior.

There were statements about Patton’s mental state at the end. If you notice confusion hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior, yellow vision. CNS disturbances can be convulsions, unusual movements of eyes, face, twitching, etc. Central Nervous system disorders which Patton also had.

General Gay got Beatrice out of the room to dine with Gay & Spurling.

It was not an embolism or clot which killed Patton. Nor were Patton’s bronchial tubes squeezed by fragments of shattered vertebrae. I don’t know where Farago came up with that ridiculous description in his book. The official diagnosis was “simple” fracture 3rd cervical vertebrae. Posterior dislocation of 4th cervical. This is also in Farago’s book on the previous page. These are night & day different descriptions.   If Patton’s records actually show both then he was in serious need of a better doctor. One who had actually been to medical School without cheating.  Bloody appearing sputum is lung infection or caused from straining to cough too much; among other chronic diseases. Or in his case,  due to digitalis toxicity causing heart to fail & blood to back up in lungs causing rales & coughing. Not clot or embolism.  Nor was there any pressure on the spinal cord or anything else. The neck tractions & later the cast kept the neck vertebrae extended to relieve cord pressure. Nor was there any sign of heart problems or heart stress prior to  the digitalis.

Doctor Spurling and Bedell Smith immediately left Germany in less than a few hours. Before Patton’s funeral.




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