Death of General George S Patton

 latest update:  Oct 12, 2017

An Inside Job…

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This Article contains  the following sections:

  • How & who did it
  • Authorization to kill
  • A full overview of the events regarding Patton’s Death
  • Reconstructed names involved in Patton’s death & their roles

The details about Bazata and the involvement of the OSS comes from Robert Wilcox; the author of Target Patton.

Hence, here are the details of how & who were involved in Patton’s demise. Then, the line of authority tells you who ordered & approved the hit on Patton. Followed by the medical description of how they finished the job & simulated heart & organ failure with the toxic combination of digitalis & Mercuperia which we know he was given on that final day; recorded in Patton’s hospital records.

Until now, no one could figure out how he was killed in the hospital or how he was injured in the car without impacting anything inside the vehicle.

  • 3 prior attempts had been made on Patton’s life in 1945. Eisenhower had ordered Patton to each location.
  • Apr 1945; After Patton loaned his big plane to an ailing general, Eisenhower ordered him to take command of new troops & had to fly in small plane followed by his aide Codman in matching second plane. (why wasn’t Codman flying Patton’s plane?)
  • Enroute, an RAF allied plane attempted to shoot down Patton while his pilot tried to evade. 4 allied planes circled overhead. Patton tried to take photos but forgot to remove lens cap. Patton’s pilot tricked the attacker into crashing. Yet no one shot at Patton’s aide Codman who was following in a same plane.
  • In May, 1945 Patton was nearly beheaded by a runaway oxcart. Both incidents are in Patton’s diary.   Just days  before the Germans had surrendered.
  • During the month long bond tour of the US in June 1945, Ike and Marshall had planned to have a psychiatrist denounce Patton publicly but Sec. of War Stimson put a stop to it.
  •  In Oct 1945, Patton was severely bruised & injured in a car accident near his new HQ at Bad Naheim, reported in the newspapers. A couple days later, Patton was forced to attend Eisenhower’s birthday celebration in front of the troops where Ike deliberately goaded the injured  60 year old Patton into  spectacles of  foot races & wrestling before the troops.  This was also just a week since Ike had fired Patton from the 3rd army.
  • Patton had repeatedly told his friends and family he planned to prevent Eisenhower from becoming President.
  • OSS agent Bazata was paid $10,800 to kill Patton. Bazata had declared these details in the 70’s while attending a reunion of over 400 former OSS agents while seated with friend & CIA DCI William Colby.  Bazata’s obit 30 years later, revealed he was a highly decorated & praised agent and renowned artist known by heads of state & royalty.
  • The OSS reported directly to the Chief of Joint Chiefs which was Eisenhower after Nov 19, 1945 even though Truman had disbanded the OSS 2 months earlier.  Marshall had held the position prior to Ike.
  • Eisenhower was the only person who could authorize the paid contract on Patton to proceed.
  • Wm Donovan had been the head of the OSS  until May 1945 when deputy Allen Dulles assumed command in Berlin. Although reassigned to the Nuremberg trial  prosecutor, Donovan left  the trial after 3 days and headed to Frankfurt in Nov 1945 where he remained with Bedell Smith, Ike’s right hand man until Patton’s car accident.
  • Bedell Smith wrote to Eisenhower in Washington DC in Nov 1945, pleading to be allowed to leave Germany  for any other assignment. Ike declined & directed Bedell to remain in Germany until his tasks were completed. Since Beetle subsequently departed Germany the day after Patton’s death, it is clear what unpleasant task he was endeavoring to elude.
  • Patton told Bedell Smith on Dec 5, 1945 that he was returning to the US on Dec 10, 1945 and planned to resign from the Army so he could freely tell the public  how Ike had allowed 30,000 US POW’s to be imprisoned in Soviet gulags in Siberia while telling their families they were dead. Patton was prevented from telling the public which is why he planned to resign from the Army. Patton repeatedly told everyone how he planned to go public with Ike’s crimes & prevent Ike from becoming President.  This call had been transcribed & is in the records. Patton’s calls & mail were being monitored.
  • Patton was scheduled to returned to the US on Dec 10, 1945 and  said he planned to reveal Eisenhower’s dirty laundry about the 30,000 US POW’s  secretly held in Russia which Ike had reported as dead to their families.
  • If Patton had retired, he would be bound by a gag rule. Resigning would eliminate the gag rule. Patton was wealthy & did not need the retirement money.
  • Ike knew Dec 9th 1945 would be their last opportunity to take down Patton before he carried out his threats.
  • General’s Keyes & Gay pressured Patton to go hunting on Dec 9, 1945 before he left Germany the next day.
  • Bazata used the help of Keyes & his men to stage the accident in Keyes command territory
  • Patton’s window was jammed open by Gen Gay’s men while Patton & Gay stopped to walk thru ancient ruins. Photos at the accident scene show the window open.
  • Bazata used a nonpenetrating projectile like a pebble & shot Patton between the eyes which tore his scalp back in a flap
  • Lack of dairy due to war shortages made Patton’s neck brittle & it snapped  as his head recoiled from the impact of the projectile, paralyzing Patton as he fell over sideways in the  back seat of the Limo into Gen Gays lap.  Brittle bones can snap with the slightest effort.
  • Thompson, under Keyes command on a base 50 miles away,  had driven to the location without travel orders on a Sunday & pulled across the path of Patton’s limo, claiming to be pulling into a closed motorpool
  • Patton’s car struck Thompson’s truck. No one else was hurt except Gay’s  sprained wrist which was inside the safety strap as he braced for the anticipated impact. Gay knew what was coming when he braced. He was seen by a doctor at the same hospital.
  • The only blood in Patton’s car was smeared on the back of the rear seat where Patton slumped over sideways, paralyzed; with Patton face down in General Gays lap.
  • A 4 inch pool of blood flowed onto the seat from where Patton laid paralyzed on Gays lap, bleeding where Patton’s scalp had been peeled back at the hairline from an impact wound between the brow which had been produced by a nonpenetrating, low velocity projectile fired through the open window by OSS contract assassin Bazata.
  • There was no other blood in the limo. If Patton had been thrown forward and broken his neck, he would have fallen paralyzed in the 2 1/2 foot gap onto the floor, not sideways in the rear seat onto Gays lap as the blood pattern  evidence reported clearly shows.
  • William Donovan departed for the US on Dec 10, 1945 (the day after Patton was Paralyzed).
  • Eisenhower’s Presidential Campaign began on Dec 10, 1945. Many of Ike’s campaign articles shared the same page as the Articles’s describing Patton’s accident.

The projectile only paralyzed Patton. Eisenhower sent Dr Spurling to Germany with Patton’s wife to ensure Patton never made it back to the US. When Patton began to recover  and the family planned to transport Patton home, Eisenhower obtained the Mercuperia from Oak Ridge labs, shipped it to Dr Kenner, Chief of Surgery, European Theater who delivered it to Dr Spurling to combine with Digitalis for the fatal overdose which simulated Patton’s heart failure & finally his death.

All of this is in Patton’s hospital records. Dr Spurling & Bedell Smith both departed German within hours of Patton’s death & did not attend his funeral.

Coincidentally, 2 other Generals were killed in Dec 1945; friends of Patton (one pushed from a cliff on a hunting trip near 3rd army Dec 29, 1945, one died while campaigning for state governor and a  3rd General  & close Patton friend was killed 6 months later over ft Knox.

This article fully links all the pieces of the puzzle & connects all of those who were responsible. A very detailed timeline & list of names involved & what became of each person has been included herein with a detailed overview & links to sources. More details will continue to be added.

How & who did it:

  • “How did they track Patton’s movements” without being noticed.
    • They had 2 way radios plus access to radio scramble phones and some areas had MTS mobile phones.
    • Joseph Scruce alone in 2nd hunting vehicle following behind Patton was free to make radio or scramble phone calls unobserved.
    • Scruce provided Bazata with location tracking & timing
  • How did they have time to set up the hit?
    • (Color coded by command group; under Keyes; under Gay; under Ike)
    • Dec 5, 1945; Patton told Beetle in a heated argument he planned to Resign & expose Ike
    • 30,000 to 40,000 US POW’s and an equal number of allied POW’s were falsely reported dead by Eisenhower & taken to USSR Siberian Gulags by Soviets with Ike’s cooperation. FDR & Truman had no idea.
    • Eisenhower & Bedell Smith made secret deals with the Russians for over a decade.
    • POW’s in USSR were never revealed due to the elimination of Patton  until 1992 when only 119 remained alive. 
    • Col Philip Corso head of the NSC under Ike at the white house for 5 years testified to the Senate & reported to RFK in 1961 about the 30,000 US POW’s  from WWII and nearly 9000 from the Korean war plus  an equal number allied WWII POW’s held in Soviet gulags which Corso also describes in his book.  Corso  additionally  testified  about members of Ike’s cabinet, the White House staff & CIA being filled & overrun with communists & Soviet agents. Nothing was ever done. This is also described in Corso’s book. Masterminded by Allen & John Foster Dulles, Charles Cabell &  Richard Bissell, Eisenhower and others.
    • In 1992, the Russians provided the list of names for the last surviving 119 POW’s  to Senator John Kerry and claimed none were being held against their will.  Our gov’t tried to claim the POW’s were all returned shortly after the war but the Soviet premiere contradicted our lying leaders with the actual fates & deaths of these prisoners under Stalin which he stated to our Senate in writing. Kerry then pried the truth out of Bush Sr’s cabins & dept kinds who were suppressing the truth. 
    • Corso & others testified to the Senate again in 1992 about these POW’s. Our gov’t had permitted the deaths of nearly 40,000 US POW’s to be imprisoned & die in Siberian work camps for almost 50 years without lifting a finger to protest. This would not have occurred if Patton had lived to tell the public about Eisenhower’s crimes & lies to their families.
    • Backdoor Soviet deals with Ike during & after war were never revealed as Patton intended
    • Thousands of Allied Soldiers died during war due to Ike & Soviet backdoor deals
    • The US Gov’t was later discovered to be overrun by soviet sympathizers at highest levels
    • Details implicate Ike in tight soviet associations (See timeline of Ike’s soviet meetings)  Substantiated by newspaper articles.
    • Patton tried to stop Ike from his determined rise to political power
    • Ike was tightly colluding & constantly courting Soviets. (See timeline page)
    • Ike & Beetle repeatedly tried to destroy Patton before he went public to expose them
    • Patton could not speak out due to being gagged from disclosure under US Laws for military
    • Patton had already begun writing his memoires in Oct 1945 in preparation to expose Ike
    • Patton planned to stop Ike from attaining the Presidency by exposing Ike’s atrocities
    • Patton planned to reveal the surviving POW’s in USSR & the needless WWII deaths
    • Patton also considered running for a gov’t office to stop Ike at all costs
    • Patton’s death was followed by deaths of his mistress niece, daughter, wife & others with knowledge of Ike’s crimes & the POW’s
    • Beetle was the one  person in place with opportunity & under Ike’s authority as CIA director to assure each death  of Patton’s family & friends to protect Ike’s presidency
    • Dec 7, 1945; Patton notified Beetle his leave home would begin on Dec 10, 1945
    • Patton planned to resign not retire at end of leave; thus ungagged to freely expose Ike
    • Patton’s calls & correspondence were monitored & transcribed per Beetle & Ike orders
    • They had 2 days to arrange hit for Dec 9, 1945.
    • Beetle Smith  & Wm Donovan  set Bazata’s hit in motion per Eisenhower
    • Beetle Smith Contacted General Keyes &  Donovan contacted Bazata to commence  contact hit on Patton
    • Dec 8, 1945; Gen Keyes came to Bad Nauheim to visit Patton overnight
    • Gen Keyes provided staging details to General Gay & Joseph Scruce
    • Dec 9, 1945; Gen Keyes left early for false emergency meeting which freed  Keyes that day  (there was no such meeting that Sunday)
    • Gen Gay enlisted the help of Col Paul Harkins & talked Patton into hunting pheasant
    • Some sources say Keyes had also suggested hunting the previous night
    • Gay prearranged Scruce as hunting Guide & Woodring as driver
    • Scruce had portable radio or scramble phone. Patton’s car was also equipped
    • Scruce radio alerted Bazata of Patton’s departure from Bad Nauheim & provided trip location info enroute
    • Bazata updated Scruce by radio when staging was ready
    • Mannheim is 62 miles South of Bad Nauheim as the crow flies
    • Patton & Gay made approx 2 side trips to see Roman Ruins which gave extra setup time
    • (additional delay when Keyes car was found abandoned)
    • Gay managed Patton’s timing & delays until Scruce gave the OK
    • Patton was sitting up front; not in rank assigned seat
    • Gay or Scruce  alerted Patton about the dog being cold; to get Patton into his correct car seat
    • Patton placed dog inside car & returned to his assigned seat
    • Patton’s car window was deliberately Jammed open while Patton surveyed the ruins
    • Gay ensures Patton position & conditions in car are correct for Bazata
    • Gay has entire hand inside safety strap which sprained wrist during impact.
    • Not just holding onto strap. He was expecting impact
    • Keyes provided 7th Army personnel to wait at scene
    • Robert Thompson Driver; 141 st Signal; 7th Army under General Keyes
      • In Mannheim, outside assigned area on Sunday without orders
      • Truck was 7th Army under General Keyes
      • waiting on side of opposing lane for Patton
    • Frank Krummer; german civilian working for 141st signal; 7th Army under General Keyes
    • riding with Thompson

    • Unknown third passenger
    • riding with Thompson

    • Second truck & driver; 7th army under Keyes
      • Backup team waiting further down the road
    • Bazata coordinates with Scruce over radio
      • Scruce pulls ahead
      • Woodring speeds up to follow
      • Patton exclaims at something in debris on right side of road
      • Thompson deliberately veers into path of Patton’s limo
      • Bazata fires non penetrating projectile into Patton’s face
      • Bazata & 3rd truck passenger depart scene in backup truck
    • MP’s at accident; 7th army under General Keyes
      • In Mannheim, outside assigned area on Sunday without orders
      • responsible for accident reports & interviews
    • Ambulance, crew & Doctor; 7th army under General Keyes
      • In Mannheim, outside assigned area on Sunday without orders
      • Transported Patton to Heidelberg; 7th Army under General Keyes
      • Local Mannheim hospital not under Keyes which is why they went to Heidelberg
    • Heidelberg hospital; 7th army under Keyes
      • Hospital Staff & doctors; 7th army under Keyes
    • Dr Spurling; Walter Reed; under Eisenhower
    • Dec 19,1945; Mercuperia & Digitalis toxicity prescribed by doctors mimicked cardiac failure,
      • Mercuperia was a radioactive mercury at Oak Ridge not approved for patient use & provided no medical benefits
      • Mercuperia could not be flushed from organs & bones
      • Mercuperia was discovered to double toxicity of digitalis & cause death to 32 patients in experiment 6 months earlier
      • Only Eisenhower could authorize access  & release of Mercuperia
      • There was no medical reason for Patton to receive Mercuperia or digitalis. His ekg’s, Xrays, blood tests & vitals that morning  and throughout his  entire hospital stay showed no heart problems. Nor did Patton have an embolism or clot. That was a cover story started by Spurling days later.
      • Digitalis toxicity causes
        • blood backup into lungs, convulsions, hallucinations & visual disturbances
        • Simulated heart & organ failure
      • Patton began to rally as digitalis levels began to diminish prior to next dosage
      • 25 mg digitalis is fatal in healthy adult
      •  they administered Mercuperia which doubles strength of digitalis & gave a second dose of digitalis as well.
  • Dec 21, 1945;  Gay & Spurling convinced Patton’s wife Beatrice to leave Patton’s room
      • Patton was in a deep sleep without coughing & diminished respiration & heart rate
      • Dr Kenner Chief surgeon European Theater delivers Mercuperia obtained via Ike from Oak Ridge to Patton’s room.
      • Nurse  inappropriately administered IM Mercuperia via IV as  doctor directed
      • Nurse administers other drugs ordered such as 2ND dose Digitalis
      • Bazata was only involved in Patton’s accident & claimed he had polish assistant
      • Skubik was Polish
        • Was Skubik Bazata’s accomplice?
        • William Colby was OSS and good friend & partner of Bazata
        • Colby was present during Bazata’s 1972 confession
        • Colby was likely Bazata’s true accomplice
      • Dec 22, 1945; Bedell Smith leaves Germany for Washington DC
        • It seems his job was finished with the death of Patton
    • Accident Investigation; under Keyes
    • Funeral; under Keyes
    • No autopsy. Bea was pressured by Keyes & Spurling not to perform autopsy.

Authorization to Kill:

  • Authorized by Eisenhower.
  • Details & orchestration handled by Bedell Smith
  • OSS Director William Donovan paid Bazata $10,800 to eliminate Patton.
  • OSS Contract agent Bazata reported to Donovan
  • The OSS was under the Joint chiefs until dissolved by Truman Oct 1, 1945.
  • Contracts  & missions were then handled  under the CIG until the CIA was formed years later.
  • Eisenhower was Chief of Staff over the Joint Chiefs  as of Nov 19, 1945
  • Donovan reported to Gen Marshall  And then Eisenhower after Nov 19, 1945 for lingering backdoor contracts.
  • Oct 1st, 1945  The OSS & Donovan were terminated by Truman
  • Nov 18, 1945 General  Marshall resigned as  Chief of Staff Joint Chiefs.
  • Nov 19, 1945 Eisenhower replaced Marshall as Chief of Staff Joint Chiefs
  • Beetle Smith as Eisenhower’s Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Chiefs.
  • Change of Command structure required reauthorization of Patton’s contract hit by Eisenhower as new Chief of Staff over the CIG
  • Marshall left for China to negotiate for Truman Dec 45 until Jan 46.
  • Leaving Eisenhower as the only person in authority who could have reauthorized Bazata’s hit on Patton.

Sec. of Defense Stimson cancelled Marshall’s Plans to publicly denounce Patton as mentally unstable in June 1945 after hearing Patton give speech & reading Gen Bradley’s glowing performance rating of Patton that month.  They were also quite taken back by the public response to the War Hero. This shows you that they were more dupes of the fodder being published by those with hidden agenda’s rather than in touch with the true pulse of the public.  I believe Marshall tried to cancel contract hit on Patton after he realized Patton was not as unbalanced as he had been painted by Ike & Beetle. For all we know,  General Gay  or even Patton’s trusted aide Codman could have been spiking Patton’s food to incite bizarre behavior. Especially since Patton was normal at home on leave. However, it was also reported that Secretary of War; Stimson was the one who stopped Marshall from sending a psychiatrist to denounce Patton during his leave home in June 45. 

When Donovan & Ike refused to cancel the hit on Patton, Marshall had the OSS Terminated by Truman to stop contract hit. When Ike removed Patton’s command of the 3rd army & persisted with contract hit, Marshall resigned & went to China to distance himself.

Roosen overheard Ike discussing Patton’s elimination with Smith, Bradley & others (Probably Keyes) just before Ike returned to DC in mid Nov 45 to assume Marshall’s job. One general was overheard to say he would handle it. (Probably Smith or Keyes).  Patton’s phone was bugged & probably mail too. Phone transcripts in archives. So are letters which were probably copies from censors.

Ike assumed Marshall’s job & reaffirmed contract hit to commence after Patton told Beetle on Dec 5 he was going to resign & scheduled request on Dec 7th  for his leave home to commence on Dec 10. This set a rushed contract hit date for Dec 9th requiring use of teams under Keyes & Gay with Bazata because of insufficient time to acquire contract teams since OSS was officially Out of business.

Donovan must have been a loose cannon. Unlike the other Patton demise perpetrators who were lavished with promotions & choice assignments thru the end of Ike’s presidency, Donovan only served as a Nuremburg trial prosecutor for a couple days then remained with Bedell in Frankfurt until Bazata hit Patton, then returned to US the next day. The timeline of personnel movements is a key indicator of those involved. Then Donovan spent a couple years as Ambassador to Thailand. Ended life with suspicious debilitating stroke.  CIA was famous for causing strokes & heart attacks or accidents in those it wished to eliminate.

Despite being former OSS director,  Donavan was not invited to join the new CIA. Beetle Smith got that honor for three years & even bought in General Truscott to join him. Allen Dulles took over CIA in 1953 under Ike. He was under Donovan in  the OSS including Berlin in 45. I did get the feeling that Donovan was a bit too chummy with the NKVD & our government didn’t trust him. Perhaps another reason the OSS was dissolved & Donovan fired?

While all the researchers have been distracted looking at the Russian NKVD (KGB) to blame, they seem to forget this was a military operation. When they failed to kill Patton in the accident to shut him up, they managed to paralyze everything except his ability to speak. They could not leave him half dead (especially with him Talking) & had to finish the job before his trip to US.  Even worse, the medical reports from other doctors stated Patton was regaining movement of his arms & legs.

The NKVD would not have bothered with Patton at this point. The vehicle accident staged by Bazata and the personnel supplied by Keyes was under the auspices of the Joint Chiefs under Chief of Staff Eisenhower’s authority. The NKVD had no need to become involved at this point. Patton had been turned into an invalid & was no longer a threat to anyone except what Patton might still say about Eisenhower.  Bazata only assumed it was NKVD because it wasn’t him. But Bazata had failed to complete his task & Patton was now in a hospital setting where the fine skills of a medical practitioner were required to utilize the tools of medicine to create a believable demise. While Bazata had no problem admitting his own complicity, I suspect he was reluctant to reveal the names of other high ranking Parties involved. I think his code of honor as a decorated spy, limited the info to his own involvement. Need to know basis only. Nor was Bazata in Eisenhower ‘s loop. The small players like Scruce & Thompson were expendable.  Thompson, the truck driver had been immediately whisked away to England for 4 days of debriefing.

Patton continued to rally his strength against his condition. It didn’t take too much digitalis to produce the effect of failing heart & organs.  Classic symptoms of digitalis toxicity which we know he was given by his medical records. The plethora of cardiac abnormalities which had not occurred prior to the administration of digitalis & Mercuperia are clear signs of toxicity & completely unrelated to his injuries, age or mental state. But quite convincing to someone without a medical background.   Even those with medical backgrounds failed to recognize Mercuperia as the cause because it had never been released for public use. It was administered to eliminate Patton before he was transferred to the US where the military would no longer have access & control over his treatment.

There is nothing in Patton’s death which is consistent with an embolism or clot in his lung which would have produced a ghastly shortness of breath & gasping for air in a horrific death which would have occurred within the hour.  I know this for a fact because I have had 2 pulmonary embolisms. One as recently as last month. The other 2 years ago.

So Patton certainly  would not have had a peaceful deep sleep or the digitalis symptoms. Although the digitalis did affect the heart function to the point where the blood wasn’t properly being pumped causing rales (wet crackling) & fluid coughing in his lungs  and swelling extremities would be consistent with congestive heart failure. 

NKVD or Military:

  • It is clear Patton’s vehicle assassination attempt was OSS (Bazata).
  • All the peripheral players involved in Patton’s accident before & after were all 7th Army assigned under General Keyes.
  • Gen Gay, Harkins & Scruce and Gen Keyes were all involved in heavily pressing Patton the night before to go hunting that day.
  • The impacting truck driver Thompson was out of his assigned area that day by 50 miles north of his base in Gmund (also under Keyes)
  • (has anyone thought to consider the Quartermaster depot was closed on Sunday & he had no orders to deliver the truck when he was off duty.)
  • The ambulance crew were 30 miles north of their base in Heidelberg without orders
  • & why was a captain driving the ambulance?
  • Were they just taking a Sunday drive waiting for an accident?
  • The MP’s just happened to be wandering around off their patrol?

One thing is sure, they were all 7th Army under Keyes except for Gay, Scruce & Harkins. But Keyes had seen all three of them that very morning & had spent the night there. So Keyes was up to his nose in every aspect of this setup, staging & killing; over the hospital & staff; the investigation and even the funeral. His loyalties were clear by his choice of Beetle Smith as pallbearer. No true friend of Patton would have ever chosen Patton’s mortal enemy.   Whether some of these soldiers were also OSS or NKVD dual agents supplied by Donovan or Bazata; they were all part of a military operation requiring the authorization of Eisenhower & the ministrations of Beetle Smith; selecting Keyes as the primary facilitator in this setup from the very onset. This was not a Russian operation. It was clearly an inside job. Patton threatened to disrupt Eisenhower’s path to the White House so he had Patton eliminated. It is also clear that everyone who assisted in this endeavor was more than amply rewarded for their efforts & participation. With Patton on the NKVD hit list, it was a convenient distraction from the involvement of the real orchestrators of this horrific assault on an international war hero. Our own military hierarchy was responsible.

Also, Eisenhower’s diary from April 45 through Dec 45 conveniently disappeared. His end of the war diary. But he couldn’t eliminate all of the records from other sources.

The key to recognizing the orchestrators of Patton’s demise can be clearly determined by:

  • Motive, benefits, line of authority,  opportunity, rewards reaped by Patton’s demise, connections between participants, untimely demise of other participants, those most threatened by Patton’s revelations, those who benefited by Patton’s demise, those in control with knowledge of Patton’s schedules, those with inside knowledge of Pattons activities during 3 prior attempts, recognizing valid witnesses & confessions without skepticism.
  • Recognizing deliberate attempts to discredit & plant disinformation to destabilize efforts to uncover the perpetrators and protect the reputation of a man who became president by ordering the death of Patton.
  • Patton had planned to do everything he could to expose Eisenhower’s dirty secrets to the public & stop him from becoming president. When the stakes were this high & the guilty at such high levels, there is no limit to how far they would go to cover up such a heinous act against a national hero.
  • Eisenhower failed to win against Truman until 1952 when Truman didn’t run.
  • Keep in mind, Eisenhower’s VP was Nixon and his CIA director & Undersecretary was Bedell Smith (Patton’s worst enemy). Eisenhower’s daughter married Nixon’s son. We all know what kind of person Nixon was from his Watergate Tapes. So remember, Nixon learned his crooked deceit, paranoia, abuse of power, misuse of the CIA & megalomania at the hands of Eisenhower when Nixon served as his vice president. Nixon’s true personality which we heard on his tapes gives us a rare  inside view of the real Eisenhower under his public façade when those 2 crooks served together.
  • Of deeper concerns were Eisenhower’s abnormally close relationship with Zhukov & the Russians. Eisenhower literally gave away the freedoms of most the countries of Europe which we were supposedly fighting for their freedom and deliberately prevented Patton from liberating Poland & Berlin when his troops were at their doorstep because Ike promised them to the Russians. If Patton had been allowed to liberate them, the Russians  never would have been able to occupy Poland or East Germany. Just who was Eisenhower truly loyal to? Patton & Churchill both warned Eisenhower in advance; not to let the Russians become too deeply embedded in Europe. Between May  & Nov 45, Eisenhower spent 90% of his time in the company of Zhukov, the Russian governor over Russian occupied Eastern Europe.  After Patton’s death, Bedell Smith became ambassador to Moscow, then later the DCI over the CIA when most of Eisenhower’s critics & risks mysteriously died in 52 when Ike was running for President; & Pattons widow, a few months later.
  • Patton also threatened this tight relationship between Ike & the Russians.
  • It is shocking to read how many communists have been revealed to he embedded at the highest levels of our gov’t in the 40’s & 50’s. Much more than any of us realized until the Venona project allowed us to decipher over a decade of Soviet coded messages revealing the contacts embedded in our gov’t. Is it possible their operatives & sympathizers reached the highest office in US gov’t as well? I used to think McCarthy was a deluded nut on a witch hunt until I started researching Eisenhower & the infiltration of our gov’t as reported in official records of our Nat’l archives & his own Presidential library documents. That’s what makes it scary.  These are confirmed documents & records. Not speculation. Patton was killed because of what he knew & his intentions of revealing what he knew to the public to specifically stop Eisenhower from becoming president. Patton’s own words he repeatedly stated in several letters in the months just prior to his death. A true conspiracy of the worst kind at the highest levels of our government.
  • The Presidency is a deadly game. Patton & the Kennedy’s died for it. Reagan came close.  The answer of the highest guilty person involved is almost always the person who would benefit the most from their deaths.
    • Patton = Eisenhower; 
    • JFK=LBJ;
    • RFK=Nixon;
    • Reagan= Bush.
  • Nixon was even involved in the lowly bugging operation of his opponents campaign headquarters. Nixon & Hoover planted false evidence in Alger Hiss’s pumpkin patch. That clearly shows us the President and VPs knew all about these despicable actions.  They get away with it because of threats against the lives of the families & those who know the truths AND because the public is so wishy-washy about taking a firm stance against these monstrous acts because they are afraid someone will use the word conspiracy.
  • So everyone hems & haws around for fear of some label the crooks in charge use to control the public from speaking up & calling out these assassins for what they really are. The publics own fear of a conspiracy label allows these heinous acts of corruption & assassination to continue. We have become a country of enablers & sheep who have been trained to respond to words & labels like Pavlov’s dogs.
  • How many confessions, documents, witnesses & evidence does it take for people to take a firm stance and say, yes these were assassinations & those are the guilty perpetrators?
  • Regardless of how high their gov’t office or position may have been. Being a President, VP or Chief General of the army doesn’t sanctify someone from being a corrupt crook or guilty of sanctioning assassinations of national heroes, innocents or even that of a President when some crooked VP wants his job.

Those who benefitted:

  • Eisenhower eventually became President
  • General Gay was rewarded with Patton’s 15th & Armored Commands & dozens of appointments & promotions by Ike.
  • General Keyes was rewarded with Patton’s 3rd Army & dozens of appointments & promotions by Ike.
  • General Beetle Bedell Smith became Russian Ambassador; Director of the new CIA; Undersecretary of state
  • Colonel Harkins became West point commander; 4 star general in Viet Nam
  • General Bradley became head of VA; Army Chief of Staff; Chairman Joint chiefs; General of Army
  • General Truscott gained 3rd Army command Oct 8, 1945 to Mar 30, 1946. CIA under Beetle 1951-58
  • William Donovan; became Nuremburg trial prosecutor and Ambassador to Thailand

Those who rejected Ike & Beetle:

  • General Marshall quit politics when Ike was elected 1952
  • General McNarny retired when Ike was elected 1952
  • Stephen Skubik; left army in 1946; became food wholesaler

Those who died of suspicious timing:

  • Scruce died bizarrely gushing blood brain aneurism 1952
  • Patton daughter Bea Waters age 41 died heart attack 1952
  • Patton widow Bea died brain aneurism on horse mid jump 1953
  • Patton mistress Jean Gordon supposed suicide Jan 1946
  • Col Codman left Army; died heart attack 1956
  • Son of Codman died Paris 1946; age 24

 A reconstruction of those involved in Patton’s death and their roles:

  • Eisenhower (Authority & instigator); as Chief of Staff & Witness Bert Roosen
  • Beetle Smith (orchestrator & hatchet man); As Deputy Chief of Staff & Witness Bert Roosen 
  • Donovan (OSS & NKVD contract agents & control); per Bazata, Skubik & Wilcox
  • Bazata (OSS contract assassin & staging); per Bazata & Wilcox
  • Thompson (Contract Hit Driver); per Bazata, Skubik, Wilcox & Thompson’s family
  • Scruce (logistic, staging, radio updates & target placement); per Skubik, Wilcox & Scruce’s family
  • Gay ( Facilitator, info, staging & control); telltale wrist, Pattons 15th, continual perks, behavior
  • Keyes (Orchestrator, operation cleanup & info control); Pattons 3rd Army & opportunity, motive
  • Hadden (insider Patton info to Gay); Gay’s aide, perks, opportunity

It was clearly Eisenhower & Bedell Smith who instigated & orchestrated the process in a military operation to eliminate Patton. Multiple attempts had already been made. Having an RAF (British) plane nearly shooting down Patton’s plane months earlier was but one of several unmistakable attempts to kill Patton and he knew it. Even if the warnings from Bazata & Skubik didn’t get Patton’s attention, the near fatal attack on his plane & near decapitation by oxcart certainly made the reality of his jeopardy clear as he expressed to his children in June 1945 when he predicted he would never return. Then there was an earlier car accident on Oct 13, 45.

Unfortunately, Patton trusted the wrong people. If he had realized the collusion between Keyes, Gay & Harkin for control of Patton’s armies, Patton might have had the good sense to stay home that day.